Join me as I have a conversation with bestselling author and speaker, Katie J. Trent, as we discuss fun, meaningful, and memorable ways to equip your children to overcome everyday struggles like anger, unforgiveness, disobedience, fear, and peer pressure with Biblical solutions and strategies that will grow their faith while strengthening family connections.

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Katie J. Trent makes family discipleship easier – and deliciously fun! She’s the bestselling author of “Dishing Up Devotions” and “Recipes for a Sweet Child,” and the founder of Family Faith-Building Academy & Community. Katie designs resources with busy parents in mind. She and her husband have over 15 years of counseling, ministry, and church planting experience, and have committed their lives to building strong, faith-filled families. Go to for more family discipleship, parenting, and homeschooling resources. 

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The Family Discipleship Podcast is published every week, Lord-willing. My prayer is that it will provide parents with Gospel-centered, grace-driven ideas and encouragement for shepherding their children’s hearts and cultivating their family’s relationships with Jesus and each other.


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