In this Episode, Kevin Sorbo joins me to discuss the challenges of being a Christian father in a culture that is increasingly departing from the Biblical model of fatherhood. Drawing from his own experiences and Scriptural Principles, Kevin shares insights on taking courageous stands and equipping our families to be bold in their faith in this God-hating world. Fathers, come and be inspired and encouraged to lead your families with strength and Godliness!

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Famous for his work as the titular character on the number-one worldwide hit TV series, “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys,” Kevin always strove to bring hopeful messages and meaningful entertainment to all. After Hollywood’s wakens spread wide, he forged his own path. Already a successful actor, director, and producer, he founded Sorbo Studios to breathe traditional values and uplifting content back into the fabric of American culture. As an author, producer, and mentor, Kevin is dedicated to creating stories that inspire and nurture the soul. Kevin is happily married to his bride of over 25 years, Sam Sorbo, and they have three nearly-grown children whom they homeschooled.

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The Family Discipleship Podcast is published every week, Lord-willing. My prayer is that it will provide parents with Gospel-centered, grace-driven ideas and encouragement for shepherding their children’s hearts and cultivating their family’s relationships with Jesus and each other.


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