We want our children to know God. We know we’re supposed to disciple them. But parenthood is hard, and we’re busy, tired, and often feel unequipped. What if our children don’t seem all that interested or can’t sit still long enough for us to read the Bible? Join me in this conversation with Christie Thomas as she shares a secret: helping your children connect with God is way easier than you think!

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Christie Thomas is a mom and writer who has been involved in children’s ministry for most of her life, including working as director of children’s ministry for more than a decade. Christie is a family discipleship coach to many parents who need equipping, support, and encouragement. She deeply believes that every Christian parent can confidently nurture deep faith in their children through little habits that add up over time. Her devotionals and children’s books help parents cultivate faith-filled moments. She lives with her husband and three boys in Canada.

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The Family Discipleship Podcast is published every week, Lord-willing. My prayer is that it will provide parents with Gospel-centered, grace-driven ideas and encouragement for shepherding their children’s hearts and cultivating their family’s relationships with Jesus and each other.


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