Join me as I talk with homeschooling mom Tonya Johnson about some simple tips and strategies that you can implement to help organize your life and reduce some of the common stresses of parenting. Tonya shares wisdom and advice to help you create a structured yet flexible approach to making your home a stress-free zone for your family.

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Tonya specializes in helping homeschool moms establish relationships with their children. She’s been teaching in some capacity for over 12 years. In addition to homeschooling her own daughter, she currently volunteers in various mentorship programs for teen girls, teaches at a local homeschool coop, and enjoys inviting families into her home for evenings filled with good food and exciting games. Whether you’re looking for homeschool ideas, help to navigate the crazy world of raising teens, or Sunday school/ children’s church resources, head to her website, The world is fighting for the hearts of our youth; Tonya believes that we need to be fighting harder.

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The Family Discipleship Podcast is published every week, Lord-willing. My prayer is that it will provide parents with Gospel-centered, grace-driven ideas and encouragement for shepherding their children’s hearts and cultivating their family’s relationships with Jesus and each other.


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