Despite its rich Christian heritage, America is rapidly sliding into secularism at an unprecedented rate. Join me in this insightful conversation with Bryan Osborne from Answers in Genesis as he unpacks the key drivers of this cultural shift and provides critical insights for effectively communicating Biblical truth and the Gospel to a secular-minded audience.

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Bryan Osborne is passionate about reaching the lost with the gospel and connecting with audiences through real-life stories and facts that confirm the truth of the Bible. For 13 years, he boldly and enthusiastically taught Bible history in a public school system in Tennessee; and for 20 years, he has helped youth and young adults in the church to know and defend their faith. He now speaks at conferences and in churches for Answers in Genesis and has written for a blog designed to help parents and ministry leaders solve the growing epidemic of biblical illiteracy through the use of specially designed resources, such as AiG’s Answers Bible Curriculum.

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