In this episode, Danika Cooley and I discuss the importance of cultivating children’s independent Bible study habits and how their parents can guide them to engage with Scripture for themselves. Danika shares tips for making Bible reading fun for children while still promoting serious engagement with God’s Word. Come and be encouraged and equipped to disciple your children into passionate Bible readers who rely on the Scriptures as their lifeline to Jesus!

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Danika Cooley is an award-winning children’s author and Bible-curriculum developer. Her Bible Road Trip™ is used across the globe; and every week, she encourages tens of thousands of parents to intentionally raise Biblically literate children at She is the author of the Who What Why Christian history series, Bible Investigators: Creation, When Lightning Struck!: The Story of Martin Luther, and Help Your Kids Learn and Love the Bible.

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The Family Discipleship Podcast is published every week, Lord-willing. My prayer is that it will provide parents with Gospel-centered, grace-driven ideas and encouragement for shepherding their children’s hearts and cultivating their family’s relationships with Jesus and each other.


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