Do you struggle to memorize Scripture? Does God’s Word sometimes feel dry or distant to you? Join me as I talk with Jeremy Kluth about memorizing Scripture with POWER! Whether you’re a seasoned memorizer or just starting out, this conversation will reinvigorate your love for the power of God’s living Word.

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Jeremy Kluth is an actor, speaker, author, and the founder of Scripture Alive, a ministry that seeks to engage people with the Word of Truth to impact real lives. Combining over a decade of acting experience and biblical training from Moody Bible Institute, he brings the Bible to life through his dramatic solo Scripture presentations, which are comprised entirely of Scripture and include whole chapters and stories from 15 books of the Bible. He has ministered nationally and internationally presenting God’s Word live at camps, chapels, conferences, and churches for audiences both small and large. He is passionate about inspiring people to be doers of the Word and not hearers only, so he leads Bible Memory Workshops to equip people to effectively store up God’s Word in their hearts.

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